In today’s complex and competitive global economy, one’s success is no longer guaranteed ONLY by the levels of educational achievement, but also by the ‘advance lifestyle codes’ they attain. SAINT INTERNATIONAL (JAMAICA) LIMITED has evolved as the Caribbean’s #1 model management company by employing a precise and proven group of ‘lifestyle codes’ that transform these once-shy (new models) youngsters into dynamic and inspirational international success stories. For the first time, SAINT INTERNATIONAL CEO Deiwght Peters will make available to the public, a series of workshops based on the proven ‘Codes of success’ that have brought international acclaim to his models. For the senior managers, business owner, socialite, executive eyeing a promotion, Government officers, university graduate, the soon-to-be high school graduate or the customer service representative, the lawyer, teacher or soldier-the program suits you. Call it a finishing school, a grooming program or a lifestyle transformational experience-this one-of-a-kind, integrated and comprehensive program is designed with your professional ambitions and life dreams in mind. You will be impressed by the best course facilitators, the most intensive and comprehensive lifestyle courses. Hope to share the elements of this remarkable, life-changing program with you. Here are some helpful hints for you to BECOME THE BEST YOU!

Deiwght Peters
Managing Director



Saint Model Management Eiquette refers to the conventional requirements of social behavior. More simply, it means knowing how to act. Different dining situations require different forms of etiquette. Whether it’s a private business luncheon or a full blown client dinner, etiquette rules apply before you even take your seat and continue after you excuse yourself from the table. This part of the course covers elements such as: table manners, table settings, restaurant etiquette, business dining etiquette, international dining etiquette and tipping etiquette. The objective is to have all participants aware and comfortable in their dining space-whatever the scenario.



Saint Model Management This involves diction training and speech correction to facilitate great public speaking. The ability to articulate your ideas or opinions in clear concise language, enhanced by proper enunciation, makes a sure winner. Whether it’s presenting a toast, a business plan outline, or an address at a professional event, ‘speaking well, does well’. The objective is to give participants competence in elocution – the art of pronouncing well, speaking at the right tempo and collecting thoughts and shaping them into a cohesive presentation. The course will improve confidence, and effectively position participants to prepare and deliver



Saint Model Management Your image – professionally & socially – determines how you are viewed by the public and certainly by your seniors. Your style of dress signals a personality code that defines your capacity to succeed and represent your company’s image. There is power in EVERYTHING you wear. Each participant will learn how to dress for his or her shape and develop a practical and cost effective wardrobe – including color codes, cuts and patterns for various occasions and personalities. Shoes, suits, separates and accessories will all be detailed for maximum image effect.



Saint Model Management The skin is one of the most important parts of our bodies. Glowing, healthy skin boosts self esteem and augments confidence. To the onlooker, who could be a potential client or employer, a radiant skin sends the signal of a healthy progressive lifestyle. Good skin is an indispensable part of great grooming. Ladies will also be introduced to various make-up techniques for various occasions, from appropriate colors to methods of application and maintenance.



Saint Model Management Posture,handshake,vocal pitch and tone,and style of walking can evoke a response of response or rejection. An impression is quickly created. Ladies must be versatile in walking in heels of various heights, while gentlemen must understand the message sent in how they lean, stand, walk or greet each other. Role play will be an essential part of this course, to ensure that each unspoken language of body posture. Ladies: Master the craft of walking in high heels. Gents: Avoid the ‘thug’ label in a professional context Posture, handshake, vocal pitch, and style of walking can evoke a response of respect or rejection.



Saint Model Management Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly. Good oral health is important to your overall well-being. Participants in this programme will interact with a reputable dental care professional who will provide tips for maintaining that winning smile and more.



Saint Model Management The scenarios of space movement can be a complex concept. The way you walk into a room full of strangers or familiar faces, greet people you are meeting for the first time, or stand in a cocktail setting, or at a podium to make speech, transmits a lot about you. This course will provide you with the self awareness tools to project a superb air of confidence in all situations. Participants will do role play to maximize their experience.



Saint Model Management A healthy mind is inextricably linked to a healthy, alert and productive body. Indeed the right diet ensures longer life and minimizes illnesses. This program will give participants the chance to understand the dynamics of a good exercise regimen and good dietary habits as it relates to their age and job-type. Certified professionals will be brought in to give tips that will allow you to coordinate your ‘healthy lifestyle routines’ to ensure you can ‘BECOME THE BEST YOU’.